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    Strip Clubs in Manhattan underwent a major transformation of genre in 1991 when Flashdancers became the first TABLE DANCE club. Prior to that, all so called strip clubs (stripper dancer entertainment venues) were some form of "dancer on stage" format. The stripper at a distance. Depending on the club the stripper might come down and socialize with the crowd after her set, or not. But the stripping & erotic dancing was NOT "up close and personal". The movement close to patrons was a dramatic shift in New York City. Even though "table dancing" had long existed in other major metro areas of North America, notably in Texas, Florida, and Canada. Once the fuse was lighted in Manhattan, the new format spread like lightening thru both the main boro and the outer boros of NYC (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island). It not only spread rapidly (with Scores and Goldfingers quick to follow and on and on), its success as a trendy "new thing" was so money-making, additional Manhattan NYC Strip Clubs began springing up like mushrooms at a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. And the profusion of table dance strip clubs kept going for a number of years, gradually expanding presence of the "tableside" dancing format not only into the counties adjacent to NYC, but also thru the entire state of New Jersey, into Philadelphia and all of Pennsylvania, into New York State's upper regions, and all thru western and southern Connecticut. The "strip club" (aka stripclub) world was changed forever. --- 917-449-2727


    Profit was the motive fueling this wave of changes. And with it came some degree of circumstantial and political backlash. While in this new publicity wave, gorgeous table dancing "upscale" strippers - were being featured on TV interviews as the trend of such "gentlemen's clubs" surged, simultaneously the body politic of New York City (Manhattan and all boros) as well as other cites became concerned about where the expansionist profusion would stop. As investor groups sought more and more licenses to build table dance strip clubs, many New York City neighborhoods argued against them. Just didn't feel they wanted their area to became a trendy new version of Times Square. Plus there was literally a scarcity of NYC sections properly zoned to handle such venues, with regard to everything from parking demands on out. In New York this led to specifically to ordinances being voted in which squarely aimed to curb the tide. And it did so pretty successfully. Thus we have seen NYC handle since the mid 90's, relatively few additional strip clubs (in Manhattan, a bit more in outer boros, but not a rampage).


    Some of the better known Stripclubs in Manhattan are Penthouse Executive Club, Rick's Cabaret, Flash Dancers (FlashDancers), Scores, Lace, Private Eyes, Headquarters.

    When you arrive at an NYC Strip Club you pay an entrance fee. Usually around $10 - $25 depending on which club. Once inside you have several options. You can saunter over to the bar which each Stripclub has, drink there and wait to be approached by a stripper courting you for a dance or two (for fee), or you can take a table in front or beside the stage, watch the stage dancers, and wait to be approached.


    At some such New York clubs, the up close and personal of "table dancing" has actually morphed into lap dancing, where the stripper spreads the patrons knees and dances right up close to his lap. -- 917-449-2727


    In Manhattan and all of NYC, there are two categories of strip clubs. Liquor serving - and no liquor license. At the former, strippers are topless only; at the latter they can go nude. But a bachelor party at either type is pretty much the same.


    For bachelor parties they will take the guest of honor up on stage and roast him a bit with three dancers, then put him back with his boys, and they carry on as usual. Truth be told, not much special happens in a bachelor party package at a typical strip club. A bachelor party package is usually a rip off at most strip club venues. Talked up sizzle, little steak, an overpriced money soak.


    General format of a New York City Manhattan strip club on an average business nite is -- The strippers rotate going on stage and gyrating there 3-4 songs before going back to the audience seating to recruit "up close" lap dances. The idea with the stage dancing is to show them off in rotation and give the room a focus for eye candy. Customers can also "rent" for a while a "champagne lounge room" for a more private time with one or more strippers. These rooms usually start around $400 and up (per hour) depending on Strip Club, and time spent in the rooms.That is just for the space and one bottle of champagne. The Strippers fees are on top of that. -- 917-449-2727


    Do all good things come to an end some day? Well hard to say in general but it can be said in specific, the Manhattan table dance strip club game has faded from its early luster. It is now simply anther part of the extant NYC tourist trade and not trendy.

    The NEW trend - Manhattan Strip Club TO GO

    The new trend in bachelor party indulgence and enjoying of strippers is ON WHEELS and private partying away from any club. A sort of Strip Club To Go idea. Chief purveyor of this art is Centerfold Stars Metroparties, a service with all Centerfolds as the Strippers. They bring sexy lap dancing to any location for private bachelor party fun (or impulse fun) for any size party clientele group...one.... to one hundred. (In New York City, all of New Jersey including Atlantic City, in Long Island, and in Las Vegas).


    The girls are enormously sexy, they do full contact friction nude lap dancing, plus girl on girl erotic lesbian shows. And they are not jaded and worn as dancers at many of the Manhattan strip clubs are. They have a slogan "In Our Car or Where You Are, Gorgeous Models Drop Their Undies For you". For the upscale NYC bachelor party, this is the new trend, the new rage. Multi spot Club Crawl parties on their party bus are even available. And guess who "they" are? (LOL) THEY are us.


    So give us a call and plan some private bachelor partying with luscious Centerfold Strippers.... At any location, or in a limo or party bus. -- 917-449-2727.

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